Miniature Railway Specialists in 5 inch gauge and 7.25 inch gauge

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Engineering Services - CNC Machining

A selection of machining work produced in our own workshops. Where possible we avoid castings, machining fully from solid material, as it is quicker and easier to set up for accurate results, and thus a less costly way of producing quality repeatable parts.

Our in-house facilities include CNC milling with full 3D contouring on a vertical machining centre, as well as turning on 3 CNC lathes of varying capacities, including powered tooling capability.

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A non-exhaustive list of parts we can machine:

  • Chimneys 
  • Cylinders 
  • Valve gear 
  • Covers 
  • Axle-boxes 
  • Wheels 
  • Hangers 
  • Horn blocks 
  • Pistons 
  • Axles 
  • Pistons 
  • Detail Parts 
  • Rods 
  • Buffers 




 Additional services available include:

  • Specialist tig welding  
  • Mig Welding 
  • Powered sheet metal rolling 
  • Cutting of large diameter / section steel bar 
  • Sheet bending 
  • Steel fabrication 

Further,  through close working relationships with other local business, we can also provide competitively priced:

  • Laser Cutting  service 
  • Foundry Services 
  • Steel / Metal stock from major stockholders 

Tig Welding

Below: 7 1/4" gauge tig welded 8F dragbox, from laser cut profiles

LMS 8F fabricated dragbox


We can help with a wide range of items and projects, for example: laser cut locomotive frames, custom wagon chassis, wheel blanks or wheels, laser cut detail parts, signal parts, locomotive work stands/lifts, etc.

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