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Newsletter January 2017

17D Miniatures Newsletter - January 2017


In this issue:


2) NEW RIDING CAR PRODUCT For Both 5" and 7 1/4" Gauge




Just a quick reminder that in addition to our occasional newsletters we also often put out snippets of news, product info, and photos via our Facebook page. Therefore, we strongly suggest you do "Like" and check out our Facebook page regularly, as that is most often where news appears first: 

If you have been thinking about ordering any of our steel fabricated, LMS period 3 styled, ride-on coaches (with comfy profiled and fully upholstered roofs!) anytime soon, now is the time to save a considerable sum with our current New Year Offer:

Order, during January, one each of our three variants, (or more!) with the vacuum brake option, and not only will we discount the price by 10% - we'll also pay the VAT for you!

How it works out: 3 coaches at normal price of £1850 each + £350 for vaccum brakes option + VAT = £7920.00

OFFER PRICE:  3 Coaches with vacuum brakes - Total cost: £5940

25% deposit only, required to confirm order - balance due before despatch/collection.

For more info visit our LMS Ride on Coaches web-page:


2) NEW DRIVING CAR PRODUCT in 5" Gauge & 7 1/4" Gauge:

We recognise that it can often be a problem finding a suitable driving wagon to put behind the locomotive which is your pride and joy, without spoiling the authentic look of the train - particularly in 5" gauge where shorter rolling stock driving wagons make for an uncomfortable driving position!

So with this in mind we will shortly be introducing a product which will solve these problems - an Inspection Saloon driving car.

LMS and GWR variants are planned and, with a manageble overall length of a little over 6'6" in 7 1/4" and 4'6" in 5" gauge, they will sit on the same bogie type as our LMS ride-on coaches, and will be "furnished" with our deep profiled HD foam upholstered roofs, again as used on our ride on coaches.

These will provide a comfy ride for both driver an even a passenger (or two in 7 1/4" gauge version) and will look very smart behind your loco, and will not look out of place in a longer train. These Inspection Saloons, having had long and varied use,  have seen a number of liveries over the years, and thus will not look out place behind a multitude of locomotives, right up to more modern diesel locos.

Braking will be provided by use of our established caliper and disc brake system on both bogies.

Introductory Offer:

The list price for these will be £1500 in 5" gauge, and £2000 in 7 1/4" gauge.

As an introductory offer we are initially taking orders at the reduced price of £1200 in 5" gauge, and £1600 for the 7 1/4" version.

We would welcome expressions of interest to help us gauge initial component production runs - so please feel free to contact us for further information. Watch this space, and our website, for further information. We will shortly be producing a dedicated web page for these.

3) 7 1/4" NARROW GAUGE PROFILE WHEELS OFFER - Continuing Whilst Stock Lasts

This next item is repeated from our November newsletter as a reminder that we still have a small quantity of these wheels left in stock:

We recently ran a large batch of 6" diameter (on tread) narrow gauge profile wheels for a customer order, and we do have a considerable number of these surplus to said order, which we are offering at the special price of £17.25 + VAT, while stock lasts. The wheels feature a dished front face with centre boss, they are 1 1/8" thick, and have a bore of 1".
We can also supply axles for these if required @ £15.65 each (+ VAT). 


You may have just seen on Facebook that we have posted a photo of some Super Heater Tubes just completed for a customer.

It may be worth us pointing out that although we may be best known for wagons, wheels, buffers and diesel outline locos, we also have considerable machining and fabrication facilities in house, and can help with numerous bespoke jobs including machining of rods and valve gear, cylinders, wheels etc - have you seen our 8 spoke wagon wheels fully machined from solid EN8 bar? Far better value than machining castings in many cases.

The only thing to bear in mind is that with some "bespoke" jobs there is a significant set-up cost. For more costly work and larger batches this is often insignificant to the overall end result, but we often get asked to supply a couple of axles specially made to fit some wheels that someone has aquired on the cheap! Or the reverse, can we supply some altered wheels to fit a set of axles and bearings already in their possesion. In these cases the setting up involved is not cost effective - the moral being, check that you can get the other half of a job at reasonable cost before grabbing that bargain!

That said, we are always happy to be asked, and will explain the best way to proceed, and the most cost effective and satisfactory way to complete a task.


We have just uploaded the latest issue of our pricelist. There have been several additions to the list, of items which we have added to the range during the year. Many prices have remained the same, some not having altered for a couple of years now. A few items, mainly from the range of items involving build work, have been increased where we have found it neccesary to do so to ensure that we can afford to produce them to the standards that we strive for.

Volume Discounts

We are however always happy to talk about a discount when ordering, for example, multiple wagons - or coaches, see above!

As a guide, we have on a few occasions now effectively given away a free brake van with a rake of wagons! It's always worth asking!

The Jan 2017 Price list can be downloaded as a PDF file here:

I think that's all for now - as always, please get in touch if you have any questions - we are always delighted to hear from you.

Tristan  & Robin
17D Miniatures

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