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Steam Locomotive Projects

As parts are developed we will add them to this page. We already have a number of parts available to order, which are listed below.

Duchess of Hamilton crossing the Dent Head Viaduct, Settle to Carlisle Line

Our design philosophy is this: We are basing all our locomotive projects on original works drawings scaled carefully to 7¼ inch gauge, as far as is practical. Therefore, it is not necessary for the builder to purchase expensive scale drawings, as our intention is that all our scaled parts will fit, provided that the builder also works to original drawings, many or most of which are freely (using the word not neccessarily literally!) available through various publications and also via the NRM.

Where we find that a part needs to deviate from correct scale, in the interests of functionality, we will advise of such deviations and any practices required to fit such parts. 

7¼” gauge Steam Locomotive Parts


LMS 4000 Gallon Tender:

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LMS4T001   Laser-cut Chassis Kit

LMS4T002   Laser-cut Body kit (rivetted version)

For a full list of included parts, give us a call, or email us.

LMS4T003 Tender Wheel Castings - each

LMS4T005 Horn Left - Fully CNC Machined - each

LMS4T006 Horn Right - Fully CNC Machined - each

LMS4T007 Horn Keep - Fully CNC Machined - each

LMS4T009   CNC turned alluminium water scoop dome

LMS4T010   Axlebox Cover - lost wax cast brass - each

LMS Tender Spring Hangers     LMS 400 gallon tender rear vents

LMS4T020 CNC Machined Spring Hanger - each

LMS4T030   CNC machined Rear Vents - pair


The following tender parts are in development – please call for further info:

LMS4T004  Axlebox material

LMS4T008  Brake blocks

LMS4T009  Brake Hangers

LMS4T011   CNC machined water filler kit



£ 218.00 (+VAT)

£ 260.00 (+VAT)


£  32.95 (+VAT)

£  18.95 (+VAT)

£  18.95 (+VAT)

£    8.95 (+VAT)

£  48.00 (+VAT)

£  13.85 (+VAT)





£  10.00 (+VAT)

£ 40.00 (+VAT)



In development

In development

In development

In development

  LMS 4000 gallon Tender Chassis Kit - Frames

LMS 4000 gal. tender outer frames, from the chassis kit.

 LMS Tender wheel casting

LMS 4000 gal. tender wheel casting

LMS 4000 Gallon Tender Axle Box Cover

Tender axle box covers in lost wax cast brass

LMS 4000 Gallon Tender Horns and Keep

Tender Horns and Keep

LMS 8F 2-8-0

We are initially able to supply the following parts, but we are working to provide more parts and eventually drawings for this loco. 

NOTE: Available assemblies can be supplied as parts for welding or silver soldering, or we can provide them already tig-welded if required.

LMS8F005   4mm Laser-cut main frames

Main frame spacer set, laser-cut, includes:

   LMS8F010   Smoke box saddle - laser-cut
   LMS8F015   Buffer beam angles - laser-cut
   LMS8F020   Dragbox & drag beam - laser-cut

LMS8F008   Main driving wheel castings -ea.

LMS8F025   Pony truck frames - laser-cut

LMS8F035   Pony wheel castings - each

More parts available shortly - please ask.




£  39.65

£  13.00

Pease ask

LMS 8F Main Frames

8F-pony-wheel-casting-in-7-25-inch  7-25-inch-8F-wheel-casting LMS 8F Dragbox (Assembled)

LMS Duchess 4-6-2

Main Frames and Frame extensions

Scaled from works drawings - Please contact us to discuss the particular variant you are planning to build as frames design differed.

DUC005  4mm Laser-cut main frames             

DUC010  3mm frame extension set   

Laser-cut bending guide available for these          

(or we can bend in-house for similar cost)

DUC015   Frame stretcher kit - in preparation.      

Wheel patterns are in preparation





£ 94.70

£ 45.30

£ 13.50



Please ask

7 1/4 inch gauge Duchess main frames

7.25 inch gauge Duchess frame extensions

Generic Locomotive Parts:

Super Heater Elements

Tig-welded stainless steel elements – made to order. Contact us to discuss your requirements



Locomotive Buffers:

7RM006     Set of 4 LMS/BR "Turton & Platt" type, sprung Locomotive buffers

7RM006A   As above but with Oval Heads and rivet detailing

7RM006B  Set LMS / BR Locomotive Buffers - 2 x Oval Head & 2 x Round Head

Click for more on our locomotive buffers These buffer types are suited to a large range of steam and diesel engines


Miscelaneous Locomotive Wheels

LYP001    Class 21 (Pug) Driving Wheel casting

  Super heater elements


£ 92.00 set 4

£181.50 set 4

£136.50 set 4




£ 28.00 ea