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Newsletter - September 2011


Friday 14 October 2011 to Tuesday 18 October 2011, at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, near Leamington Spa.

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on Stand S2, where we will be introducing several new products and showing examples of our ready to run wagons, along with various parts for the self-builder.

NEW WAGON IN BUILD (and the next one....?)

After many months of promising to add a Gunpowder Van to our range, we have succumbed to several recent customer requests, and are now working on the first batch of these.
Currently in the early stages, a drawing will be added to the website very shortly, but we can say that this model again will be fairly detailed, with laser cut strapping and several hundred rivets!

Price is yet to be confirmed - it will be pretty "labour intensive" - so although we have quoted a definite price for those on order, we reserve the right to adjust the price for subsequent models if we find our fingers get very sore! At the moment we can say that we expect it to retail at around £499 ...ish for the 5" gauge version. It will of course also be available in 7 1/4" gauge.

As to what comes next - well at present the plan is to build a GWR Shunter's Truck next. We have done the main design work, and just need a little time to get one built. So if that sounds interesting to you, keep giving us a nudge.

Incidentally, from time to time we are asked to build something completely different for a customer! Visitors to the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition may well be able to see just such an example - provided we get it finished in time - as our customer has kindly agreed to let us display it at the show. Now, you'll just have to pop along and take a look!


CNC Machined Connecting and Coupling Rods:

Since the aquisition of in-house CNC milling capabilities a few months ago, we have been working on producing coupling and connecting rods as a service to loco builders. We can now offer this service at what we believe to be very competitive pricing, with the cost for a six coupled wheel, tender loco in 7.25" gauge coming in at around £350. We would happy to quote for producing rods - and any other parts which might be be giving you headaches - for any loco. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Having also added a large CNC lathe to our stable in the past couple of weeks, we expect to offer an increasing number of machined parts - both bespoke and off the shelf, for both locomotive and wagon builders - please do get in touch and let us quote for any requirements you may have for your self-build projects - the cost may well be a pleasant surprise!

Further LMS Stanier 8F parts added to our range:

Although our wagon building work is pretty much filling our every waking hour, our own design 8F locomotive project is moving on nicely, with several new parts recently made available.

We can now offer the followng lasr cut parts:    
    * 4mm thick Main Frames
    * Frame spacers
    * Pony truck frames
    * Driing wheel and pony wheel castings
    * 4mm thick Tender Outer Frames
    * Smoke box saddle parts
    * Buffer beam brackets
    * Dragbox and drag beam

Most of these parts are now pictured on the website and we are very happy to hear from anyone building or planning to build an 8F. If you would like to follow the progress of our 8F build, then read the next item.


Finally, for lovers of the 7.25"  British outline, standard gauge genre, you may well be interested in a new but not yet widely publicised interest group and online forum, which we have had a hand in developing. It is known as the British Mainline Group, and it can be found at

The aims of the group are:

    * To promote and encourage standard gauge scale railway modelling on 7¼" gauge track, based on British standard gauge prototypes.

    * To encourage interchange of ideas between like minded individuals by developing an internet based forum to promote 7¼” Standard Gauge steam railways.

    * To organise an annual 7¼” Standard Gauge scale event.

    * To seek to encourage individual participation in activities - i.e. owners of specific functions.

    * To encourage relevant trade activities.

    * To produce a contact list of all commercially available designs, accessories and suppliers for 7¼" Standard Gauge.

New members will be welcomed. There is no monetary subscription required, just sign up at the website and join in!

NB: If you take a look at the BMG forum and visit the Members Projects section you willl be able to read Tristan's posts following the progress on the LMS 8F build.


That's all for now. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions - we are always delighted to hear from you.

Tristan  & Robin
17D Miniatures

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