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Newsletter November 2014

17D Miniatures Newsletter - November 2014

It's been a very busy few months for us through the late summer and autumn, so we have not managed to get out a Newsletter for quite a while. However there are several items this month worth noting:

NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER:  SE500 5" gauge Bogies: 10% OFF orders during November

These bogies are available as either:

Un-braked - List price £249 per pair - OFFER PRICE: £224 per pair.

Braked - List price £389 per pair - OFFER PRICE £350 per pair.  ( Two axles braked, either both on one bogie or one on each bogie)

Note: For clarity, the above prices are for TWO bogies - ie 8 wheels, 4 axles!

To order, just visit our online shop at


RIDE-ON COACH in 7 1/4" gauge

As seen at the recent Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition, our new purpose built ride on coaches are modelled on the 57ft underframe LMS period three carriage and feature our heavy duty "semi-scale" LMS / BR1 type bogies, all steel welded body, welded steel chassis and comfortable, correct profile padded roof/seat.

Available for order now as Brake, Buffet or Second, prices start at £1850.00 - or add braking for £350 per coach.

More info on our website here:

(copy the link to your browser address bar if your email client does not show it as "clickable")

CLASS 17 "CLAYTON" in 5" gauge

Also previewed at the Midland show, in part built form, our forthcoming new 5" gauge Ready to Run, battery electric model, the Class 17 "Clayton".  Priced from £2995.00 all in (Excluding batteries) available to order soon - please register your interest early, to be among the first owners of this more unusual diesel loco.

More details here:

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Having concentrated largely on complete ready to run wagons for the past few years, we are often asked whether we can supply our models in kit form. Hitherto, we have resisted this, whilst offering the alternative of supplying our standard wagons as a set of parts for the more enthusiastic self-builder to put together in a home workshop, as distinct from a screw together type kit.

However, such has been the interest more recently that we are seriously looking at re-designing chassis and some wagons to be produced in a manner more suited to self building, for example using brackets, screws and rivets where previously tig-welding or silver soldering skills have been essential. To help us with choosing which wagons to offer initially, anyone interested is invited to email us with your wagon kit "wish list", or suggestions!

This applies equally to both 5" gauge and 7 1/4" gauge wagons.


That's all for now. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions - we are always delighted to hear from you.

Tristan  & Robin
17D Miniatures

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