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Newsletter - May 2011


Although our first time there, we got the sense that the Harrogate show was pretty well attended. We certainly had a good show, and it was great to put several faces to names - thanks to those who visited our stand,

and even more thanks for the orders placed at, or soon after, the show!

Delivery times for ready to run models have extended a bit, as a result of recent orders, to around 8 - 10 weeks. We will endeavour to get these times down where possible, but please bear this in mind when

considering placing an order - ie: 1st come 1st served!

5" Gauge 5 Plank and Conflat-A

Although we have previously made mention of the impending arrival of 5" versions of the Conflat-A and Five Plank wagons, we can update this a little now as we are currently building the first two orders of Conflat's

whereas the laser cut strapping and machined timber for the first "5 planks" in 5" gauge  are expected in a week or two.

The 5" 5 Plank price is also now confirmed at £399 - it has been showing as POA on the website, while we were waiting for confirmation of costings.

Oleo Buffers in 5" Gauge

It is also worth noting that, as we needed Oleo style buffers for the Conflat-A, we are now offering turned steel versions of these in 5" as an alternative to our lost wax brass RCH stocks. For a representative photo

please refer to the 7.25" parts page of the website, as we haven't yet photographed the 5" ones!

Bosch 1hp 24 volt Motor

We have recently located a supply of Bosch 1 hp 24 volt motors suited to "Diesel/electric" locos, for a project we are working on, and therefore we can now offer these, at an introductory price of £136.99 (plus carriage).

See website for image, or contact us for additional details.

At last! Not one, but two new wheel/axle sets - and with GL5 profile!

You may remember soon after the London Model Engineering Exhibition that we announced we would be shortly be offering, CNC turned, all steel, 3 hole disc wheels. It was clear that we needed an alternative to the

Slater's nylon insert wheels, where ride-on or other heavy use was concerned.

Well, after some trials, tribulations and delays we finally have stock of these excellent wheel sets, priced at £69 per set.  See website for photo.

Additionally, as visitors to our stand at Harrogate will have seen, we can now also offer a GL5 flange profile version of the Slater's Wheels, in 8 spoke and 3 hole disc, at £50 per set.

Signal Parts

Introduced at the Harrogate show, and mentioned in the latest pricelist, we now offer various signalling parts. We have a couple of laser cut kits in 1/5th scale:

*  LMS Dwarf Ground Signal, with the body pre-welded, but supplied with lever, balance weight,  spectacle plate and coloured perspex.

*  Standard Home, or Distant, Signal Arm / Spectacle Plate / Lever kit, with coloured perspex inserts.

Other items can be made to customer's specs - ie posts, gantries, ladders etc.

I think that's all for now.

Remember, if we can offer any assistance or advice with a project, or if you need any parts or even wagons that we don't yet list, do get in touch - we are always happy to hear from you.


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