Miniature Railway Specialists in 5 inch gauge and 7.25 inch gauge

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Driving/riding truck

in 7¼" Gauge

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Driving truck, based on Iron Ore Tippler 

Based on our 27 ton Iron Ore Tippler, but with uprated and strengthened chassis, our own dual calliper disc brakes, padded seat and clevis couplings.

This sturdy wagon can also be quickly converted to use as a normal wagon by removal of the detachable seat, footrests and brake lever.



TIG welded body and chassis assemblies
CNC turned 3 hole disc wheels
Profile channel section for chassis
Rivet detail
Heavy duty coil sprung suspension
Dual, lever operated, disc brakes
Clevis type couplings
Removable padded seat
Sprung Buffers
Detailed axle box castings.
Laser cut underframe gear, brake & spring detail
Finished in BR Freight Grey


Full 12 month warranty

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Use and Safety Information:

These riding trucks are designed for use by a single average build adult, and are provided with a braking system which is intended only to provide safe braking for the truck and driver. The driving truck and it's braking system should never be used as a substitute for proper locomotive and / or train braking systems.

In any event, the brakes must be applied gently, carefully and progressively with only the minimum effort required to bring the wagon and dirver to a safe stop, and to avoid either, locking the wheels causing  a loss of braking action, or damage to the brake linkage and operating parts. In this respect attention should be drawn to the fact that the brake lever, being longer than, for example, a bicycle handlebar brake lever, requires a lower amount of effort to apply the brakes, and aggressive use could cause damage to, or a malfunction of, the braking system.