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17D Miniatures Newsletter - February 2011

Well! What a busy few weeks we've had! The run up to the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace was pretty hectic trying to make sure all the models we were going to take were ready on time. That was followed by three excellent days at the show.

We were very pleased with the general turn out, and particularly with the amount of interest we received on our stand. Thanks to those of you who came to say hello, and even more so to those of you who placed orders for our wagons at the show - or soon after.

So what's new? Well as a result of the many varied conversations we had at the LME, and the contacts we made, there are a number of things to anounce.

5 inch Gauge Wheels for ride on use

As you probably already know we currently use Slaters excellent wheel/axle sets for our 5" range of chassis and wagons. These wheels incorporate a glass reinforced engineering grade nylon insert within a turned steel rim. However, due to the number of enquiries we have received about 5" ride on trucks, we will be offering  alternative stronger, high quality all steel wheel sets for projects where extra load carrying capability is required. These will be available in a week or two and the cost will be announced on our site as soon as possible.

10¼ inch Gauge

We are now able to offer our wagon chassis and the constituent parts in 10¼ inch gauge. A new section has been added to the website which details the parts already available, and it is worth noting that we are able to upscale all the ready to run models in our current range to 10¼ in. upon request. A few specimen prices are given on the site to give an idea of the sort of costs involved - more will follow as soon as we have costed up all the various parts. If 10¼" is of interest to anyone, please just drop us an email or give us a call to see how we can help.

Steam Locomotive Parts

Again, flowing from conversations and contacts made at the LME, we are pleased to announce that we are working on two 7.25" steam locomotive projects for ourselves, and plan to make many, if not most, parts from the second project available to other self builders. The locomotives we are currently working on are the delightful 7¼ inch Gauge 3" scale Hunslet design for ourselves - we'll see where that leads as time progresses. Secondly and of more interest for other loco-builders, the mighty Stanier 8F 2-8-0, for which we are working to provide drawings and castings for this completely new  design in 7¼".

Thus, as we produce the parts for our own engine, we will also be adding them to our range for sale. Already available for the LMS 8F 2-8-0 are:
        * 4mm thick main frames

        * 4mm thick tender outer frames

        * Correct pattern driving wheel castings

        * Buffer beams, frame spacers, pony and tender wheels are in preparation

More Wagon Photos Updated

 We have gradually been updating the wagon photos on our site to show our modified designs. If you haven't visited our website recently, and didn't see our wagons at the LME you might want to check our updated photos of the models which have been re-worked during the past couple of months. The most recently updated photos are of the 5" Loriot M Low Machine Wagon; 5" Coil J; 7 1/4" 13 ton Sand Wagon and the new 7¼" LNER/BR 20 ton Brake Van. For reference, with the exception of the LNER / BR Brake, Van which is not yet completed in 5" gauge (but hopefully soon will be), the 5" model photos will give a pretty good impression of the modified 7.25 models which we have yet to photograph - ie the Tippler and Loriot. There are only small differences, mainly in the buffers and wheels used on the 7¼" range.

Additional Self Build Materials

As our range grows, so does the variety of materials which we stock or use. Our practice is to make any item or raw materials which might be useful to the self builder, available to purchase at competitive prices.

New additions to our Parts and Materials list include:

       * 6BA & 8BA Hex Head screws and nuts in pks of 100;
       * 6 in. and 7 in. Round Steel Bar for wheel blanks etc;

       * 2.5 in. Round Bar;
       * 50mm x 50mm Square Bar.

Our downloadable Pricelist should be updated in a couple of days to reflect these additions - in the meantime, just ask!

That's all for now. If you find this information useful please feel free to pass it on to any interested friends or colleagues.