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Detailing Parts

A growing range of parts to make your locomotive stand out from the crowd!

Headcode discs, buffer beam detail kits, cab detailing, authentic buffers, roof grills etc

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Diesel Locomotive detailing parts

diesel loco headcode disc kit

7 1/4" gauge, Laser cut, steel Headcode Disc kit.

Simply fold tags, glue on detail parts, paint then attach to your loco.

5" gauge kit also available, but without the extra detail parts.

7.25 inch buffer beam detail kit

Diesel Locomotive Buffer Beam Detailing Kits

7 1/4" gauge kit (photo left)

5" gauge kit (photo right)

5 inch gauge buffer beam detail kit
7.25 inch gauge Air brake valve

Diesel Locomotive Buffer Beam Detail Parts:

Air-brake Valve and hose - 7 1/4" gauge

Carriage warming valve

Carriage Warming (Steam Heat) Valve 
7 1/4" gauge


Vacuum pipe and dolly - 7 1/4" gauge


Vacuum Hose, Dolly and fittings


7 1/4" gauge Screw Couplings

In development - price to be announced

7-.25 in gauge loco roof grill and fan blade

Roof grill and Fan - suits Class 20

(may also suit some other locos.)

7 1/4" gauge grill/fan (photo left)

5" gauge grill/fan (photo right)

 5 inch gauge class 20 grill and fan
7.25 inch gauge Diesel Cab Seat

Diesel Cab Detailing

7 1/4" gauge Drivers seat. Cast Resin


7 1/4" gauge Class 20 Cab Desk/Console


Awaiting Product image

Oval Head BR/LMS Loco Buffers

LMS/BR Turton & Platt type Loco Buffers

Oval headed

7 1/4" gauge, hand finished with rivet detail.

5" gauge, hand finished (no rivet detail)

Available as either set of four, or mixed with two each oval and round head.



Round head type loco buffers

7 1/4" LMS /BR Loco Buffers 

5 inch gauge BR/LMS round head locomotive buffers

5" gauge LMS/BR Loco Buffers 



Oleo loco buffers Oleo type locomotive buffers -

Available in both 5" gauge and 7 1/4" gauge


Loco Buffer Step and Plate kit

 For 7 1/4" gauge LMS/BR Turton & Platt type buffers

Lost wax cast steps, with laser cut plates



LMS and BR Loco Buffer step and plate kit

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