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Newsletter December 2013

Firstly, may we take this opportunity to thank you all for your interest and support throughout 2013, and to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Midlands Show

An excellent show from our point of view, so we hope that those who visited also found it worthwhile. If you weren't among the many good people who came and sought out 17D Miniatures, among the things you missed were our recently upgraded Driving Truck and, also available as an individual item, our own design of disc brake caliper system. Details follow:

Driving Truck (7 1/4" gauge)

So, the driving truck, which we previoulsy offered via an upgrated chassis option for use with a couple of alternative wagons has now been superceded by a new purpose built Iron Ore Tippler with re-designed chassis incorporating our own dual caliper, lever operated disc brake system, plus removable foot rests and matching padded seat. Paste this link into your browser (or "click" if your email shows it as clickable!) to see a photo and details:

Brake Calipers

After a fruitless search for an off the shelf solution at a reasonable price, we decided to develop our own caliper system. The calipers needed to be sturdy and easily adaptable for a variety of fitments. whilst also being small enough to be useful for both 5" and 7 1/4" gauge use.

The result is a pair of machined aluminium blocks, floating on steel pins for sideways movement, the whole assembly being fitted to an aluminium bracket, drilled ready to be easily fitted to your own chassis. We use mountain bike style brake pads which are arranged with a gap suitable for a 3mm steel disc, and which are forced against the disc via a steel plunger running against internal ball bearings in helical slots, operated via a small lever on the side of the caliper. Photo and details here:

Our initial batch of calipers was quickly taken up but we have a further quantity in production now, available soon. We assemble the components to order so please allow a couple of weeks-ish for delivery.


Over recent months we have been adding to our range of available wheel types, in an effort to cover as many prototypes as we can. Currently the types listed below are available to order. It is our intention to build up and retain a small stock of these on the shelf. However, we seem to be often selling through almost as quick as we can machine them, so, for the time being, it is better to allow for around 28 days lead time - and call us to discuss what you need!

5" Gauge

CNC turned plain disc wheels.
CNC turned steel 3 hole disc wagon wheels with contoured outer and inner face.
Slater's, nylon insert wagon wheel-sets in both Split and Straight Spoke types, with either "truscale" or GL5 standard flange profile.
3' 7" Diesel locomotive wheels with flat dish profile face.
3' 9" Diesel locomotive wheels with flat dish profile face.

7 1/4" gauge:

CNC turned plain disc wheels.
CNC turned steel 3 hole disc wagon wheels with dished face.
CNC turned 3 hole disc wheels with contoured outer and inner face
Cast iron eight spoke wagon wheels.
3' 7" Diesel locomotive wheels with flat dish profile face.
3' 9" Diesel locomotive wheels with flat dish profile face.
3' 7" Commonwealth bogie wheel
3' 7" LMS coach wheel

If you are reading this then you will already have access to our email address, however, we have had reports of difficulty using the email link on our contact page for those who use webmail clients. So as of now, we are taking a chance on possible spam, and publishing our email addresses directly on the website.

Class 20's - 7 1/4" gauge

On the locomotive front, having now built several of our 5" gauge 20's, we are about to start building work on the first orders for 7 1/4" gauge version. These will be available with 4 x 250 watt axle hung motors and the excellent MTronics controller, and, as with the 5" gauge version, the option of a sound system with authentic Class 20 sounds.

Keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks, where we will publish photos once the first models are complete.

And Finally...

As most of you will know, 17D Miniatures is a small specialised outfit, where customer satisfaction is paramount. However during the past six months or so we have experience a significant upturn in interest particularly in our machined parts - wheels, buffers etc - and as such we have at times struggled to meet expected delivery times. We would therefore like to appologise if you have  been affected, or indeed if you are currently awaiting an order. Rest assured, though, that we do work hard to get items produced and out to customers as quickly as we can, whilst maintaining standards of quality.

On our online shop product detail pages we state estimated despatch times for each product. We would just like to emphasise that due to the nature of so much of our work being hand finished, and much being made to order, that it is always advisable to contact us before placing an order if delivery time is critical to you.


That's all for now. As always, please get in touch if you have any questions - we are always delighted to hear from you.

Tristan  & Robin
17D Miniatures

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