Miniature Railway Specialists in 5 inch gauge and 7.25 inch gauge

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Ride-on Coaches

in 7¼" Gauge

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7.25 inch gauge LMS type Ride On Coaches

 Available as Brake, Buffet, and Second variants

Based on the LMS period three carriages with 57’ underframes, our ride on coaches lead the way in passenger carrying models for the 7 ¼ inch gauge enthusiast.

Predominantly steel construction along with our heavy duty semi-scale bogies makes these coaches a must have for those wanting a comfortable ride, quality and reliability.

Practical levels of detail with correctly profiled padded seats ensures these coaches look the part behind your engine and provide hours of enjoyment for you, passengers and onlookers alike.  


Ready to run, each: £1850.00

Add brakes +£350.00

Add two colour livery +£50.00

Or, order a rake of all three variants, with vacuum brakes for just £5,999.00

(Prices shown net of VAT)


  • Welded steel underframes and body panels.
  • Professionally upholstered, correct profile, HD foam seats.
  • Acrylic sheet tinted windows.
  • Heavy duty bogies, with disc braked option

  • Each wheel independently sprung and running in shielded, ball race bearings

Ride-on Coach in 7.25 in gauge

LMS ride on coaches at Rempstone Rally 

Heavy duty Coach Bogie

  • Vaccum braking option
  • Removable foot boards, either timber plank or narrower steel bar type


First time around the loop

Posted by Ravensprings Park, Brighouse and Halifax Model Engineers on Sunday, October 4, 2015

NB: They do come with footboards as standard but some customers are too eager to fit them before the first ride!

Contact us to discuss available options, lead times etc.