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7 ¼" gauge GUV Parcels Van

Driving / Ride on vehicle - ideal for passenger or freight trains

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Driving coach - Parcels Van in 7.25 inch gauge

Special "One Off" Offer:
We currently have our new prototype GUV available for sale - testing and demonstration mileage only, as they say (a few laps of Echills Wood Railway )

NB: One only at this price: £ 1495.00 +VAT 


(Normal list for this model is £2200 + VAT)

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A General Utility Van (GUV) is a type of rail vehicle built by British Rail and its predecessors, which was primarily used for transporting mail and parcels. They were used by Express Parcels Systems, the British Post Office and Railtrack. National Rail and some train operating companies still use them.

Our model: Featuring our usual fully upholstered and very comfy correctly profiled full length roof seat, lever operated twin disc brakes, removable steel non-slip foot boards and loads of storage space inside. Ideal behind both steam and diesel, and authentic in a passenger train or freight train, making this the perfect driving vehicle for anyone wishing to also carry a passenger or two.

Lighter weight than our ride on coaches, but still sturdy construction with box section chassis and welded steel body. The bogies are also lighter with both inner and outer wheel faces dished to reduce weight without sacrificing strength. End door detailing, accurate scale buffers, door handle and hing detail. A very smart model in it's own right as well as a practical driving and passenger carrying solution in one.


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