Miniature Railway Specialists in 5 inch gauge and 7.25 inch gauge

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Ready to Run Diesel Locomotive

in 5" Gauge

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A fully detailed 5 inch gauge Class 20 in BR Green

Prices: Ready-to-run* from: £4495  * batteries not included.

See below for details & add-ons/options:

Featuring predominantly steel construction, with cast polyeurethane detail castings. (No flimsy GRP moulded body shells here!)

  • Supplied Ready to Run (batteries are the only extra needed and we can supply these too if required)
  • Out of the box onto the track!
  • Laser cut and welded chassis
  • Laser cut and fabricated steel body panels with rivet detail, grills and vents etc all added as separate parts.
  • Powerful four x 150 watt motors in 5" version.
  • The latest MTroniks controller with re-gen braking and deadmans switch as standard.
  • Supplied in British Railways green/grey livery as standard.

Options: See downloadable price list for options pricing.

  • High quality, authentic Class 20 sounds system with powerful 50 watt speaker mounted in speaker enclosure for better quality sound reproduction, available as an upgrade - please ask for details.
  • Headcode discs
  • LED directional headcode lamps.
  • Choice of liveries (may be a cost increase depending on complexity).

A recently delivered pair of Class 20 s in Railfreight Livery

Above: Pair of Railfreight 5" gauge Class 20's complete with a JGA Hopper as a driving truck.


Our original prototype a few years ago at the Midlands show - several modifications and improvements made since then!

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