Miniature Railway Specialists in 5 inch gauge and 7.25 inch gauge

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Miniature railway parts and materials

Narrow Gauge Bogie

7.25 inch Narrow Gauge Bogie

Chassis Parts:

5" gauge    7.25" gauge

Wagon chassis parts

Wheels & Bogies 5" Gauge

Wheels and Bogies in 5 inch and 7 1/4 inch gauge

Wheels & Bogies 7.25" Gauge 

Ride on Coaches 

January Special Offer

Ride on coach

10 ¼ inch Gauge parts

10 1/4 inch gauge wagon parts


5" gauge   7.25" gauge

Buffers for wagons and locos

Locomotive Department 

Clayton Class 17 in 5 inch gauge 

5" gauge  - Class 17 Built to order - 7 1/4" gauge

Class 20 with our ride on coach

** Class 20 - 5" Gauge || 7 1/4" Gauge **

Upcoming Exhibitions:

National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition

 Doncaster Racecourse 

Friday 12th May to Sunday 15th May 2017

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Laser cutting and CNC Machining service

Cylinder machining

Let us quote for supplying laser cut, and CNC machined parts from your own drawings.

We regularly have batches of laser cutting produced, and work closely with a very fine team who are well versed in producing the top quality of laser cutting, which our clients expect.

With our well equipped workshop, we can handle a variety of CNC turning and machining in house, thus enabling us to produce a  bespoke machined components, including rods and cylinders at competitive prices.

Pleasephone or email us if you would like a quote, or wish to discuss details of the work we can handle for you.

Read more about our engineering services for the miniature railway enthusiast


RTR Wagons in: 

7¼" Gauge :: 5" Gauge


We have, for the time being at least, kept our ready to run wagons separate from the on-line parts shop, because of the complexity of some of the options and the varying lead times, plus the requirement only to pay a deposit when ordering. Follow these links:

5" gauge Wagons :: 7¼" gauge Wagons


Recent Wagon Builds

7 1/4" gauge Tar Tanker


7¼" gauge - Click for details - 5" gauge

BR Iron Ore Tippler based Drving Truck

7.25 inch gauge Riding Truck

We have built a number of these over the past 12 months or so - with disc brakes on two axles, removable seat and foot-rests.

More details of our Driving Truck here

Chassis and Wagon Parts

Rolling chassis - available in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge

Pictured above is an example of one of our 7.25" rolling chassis.

These standard chassis are available as 9ft or 10ft wheelbase version.

They are ideal for the self builder wishing to make a head start on a wagon project, and can be modified to your own spec when required. Note the (dummy) leaf springs, brake gear and axle boxes which are indicative of the level of detailing for all our wagons.

Our design and construction methods ensure a wagon which is rugged and usable as well as good to look at - and all at a surprising price!

Good does NOT need to equal expensive, as some other suppliers' prices might seem to suggest!

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A note about prices: 
At 17D Miniatures our policy is to work to keep margins as low as practically possible in order to bring quality models and parts to the market at very competitive prices. A comparison with other similar suppliers will confirm this to be the case on the vast majority of our products. 
However, with such tight margins, this means we cannot afford to always absorb raw materials cost increases. Steel prices in particular - a major part of all our products - can be very volatile. For this reason we may need to adjust our prices more frequently than we would like, so please check the latest downloadable pricelist before ordering, or give us a call.